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For the mobile variant of IceCat, see IceCatMobile . GNU IceCat is part of GNUzilla .

Google View Image: how to get it back

Google just recently stripped away its View Image button, as well as the Search by Image functionality, and none were too happy about it. While no one will probably deny that it may have been abused, users felt that the search giant bent the knee to a company who may be more concerned about generating page hits than user convenience. is a fake search site, which mimics a legitimate search site with an intention to generate revenue from affiliate marketing. Despite the fact that its developer may introduce it as a utility that will improve your web browsing experience, do not fall for the trick because is yet another browser hijacker virus is distributed in many tricky ways, but software bundling prevails.


Web is a GNOME web browser based on the Mozilla rendering engine. Its goals are simplicity, standards compliance, and integration with GNOME.

Google Chrome now blocks irksome ads. That's a good thing,

This July 19, 2016, photo shows the Google logo at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Starting Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, Google will start using its Chrome browser to reshape the web by eradicating ads it deems annoying or otherwise detrimental to users.

Yontoo Pagerage

Yontoo is a browser extension that showed up in 2015. At the moment, its official site claims that it was discontinued and provides its removal instructions.

Tech Dealers Now Trying to Save the Tech "Addicts" They've Created

The new Center for Humane Technology aims to lead the fight against society's obsession with the Web, apps and social media - but it may just add to the confusion A group of former Silicon Valley insiders recently issued a stark warning to the app-and update-obsessed public: Social media, the Web, mobile apps and other technologies developed to "monetize our attention" are "now eroding the pillars of our society," according to the Center for Humane Technology . The new organization's goal is to push tech companies to create products that benefit society, rather than simply manipulating people's behavior for profit.

"Windows Firewall Security Alert"

People can also be redirected to this domain after clicking on the malicious link and experiencing redirects to infected websites. The deceptive message employs a persuasive strategy to make less experienced PC users believe that their PCs need professional maintenance from Microsoft support.

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