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Free Software Directory:IceCat WebExtensions (proposed)/Resources

XP and Vista will move out to Extended Support Release * [ Help make add-ons multiprocess Mozilla [ plans to deprecate all existing mozilla extensions next year] favor of a new platform that is compatible with chromium and opera - from what ive read they are asking every extension developer to port to However, that's ok, we now have the historical tag so even if they're obsolete they could still be on the directory The Electrolysis team has posted a list of popular add-ons for compatibility testing at [].

Firefox For iOS Gets Tracking Protection, Firefox Focus For Android Gets Tabs

An anonymous reader quotes a report from VentureBeat: Mozilla today released Firefox 9.0 for iOS and updated Firefox Focus for Android . The iOS browser is getting tracking protection, improved sync, and iOS 11 compatibility.

Corporations Just Quietly Changed How the Web Works

Adrianne Jeffries, a reporter at The Outline, writes on W3C's announcement from earlier this week : The trouble with DRM is that it's sort of ineffective. It tends to make things inconvenient for people who legitimately bought a song or movie while failing to stop piracy .

Scrapy-UserAgents 0.0.1

Scrapy is a great framework for web crawling. This downloader middleware provides a user-agent rotation based on the settings in, spider, request.

Greasemonkey 4 Announcement

Greasemonkey has been a Firefox extension for well over a decade, with version 0.3.5 dating from 2005. We've grown and changed a lot over that time. virus is a dubious search site that becomes browser's homepage after installation of a potentially unwanted program - "All in your new tab start page" extension for Chrome. However, Firefox users can find virus as "Todos los buscadores en tu pestaA a" extension in their browsers. virus by AirFind is a questionable search tool that operates as a browser hijacker. This potentially unwanted program might enter the system with the help of software packages The virus is capable of altering search results and displaying commercial content. virus is an unreliable search engine that is advertised in software bundles and might hijack Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and many other web browsers. Due to this sneaky infiltration method and many other negative features, it is classified as a browser hijacker.

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