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Clean Grill Grates

Clean Grill Grates is a Google Chrome extension which operates as an adware program. Usually, experts classify such computer threats as Potentially unwanted programs Additionally, Clean Grill Grates can be obtained from an official website hxxp://

Web Browsers and Extensions in 2018

Mozilla's decision to switch the Firefox web browser's extension system to WebExtensions had far-reaching consequences not only for Firefox but also for browsers that share code with Firefox. I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the current state of extension support of popular web browsers.

Free Software Directory:IceCat WebExtensions (proposed)/Add-on list

All Other Rights Reserved." * Grammarly - -> -> "you may not: copy, modify or create derivative works based on the Site, Services, Software or Documentation, or any portion of any of the foregoing ;" * Enhancer for YouTubea -> -> "Except where otherwise noted, and except Authorized Persons, nobody has the right to reverse-engineer, modify, reproduce, copy, duplicate, or use any part of the Source Code without The Developer's consent," * Evernote Web Clipper -> -> "You are free to use Evernote Web Clipper with any of the applications or services offered by Mozilla.

Monthly Web Development Update 1/2018: Browser Diversity, Ethical Design, And CSS Alignment

Anselm Hannemann summarized what happened in the web development world in the past few weeks. A reading list full of browser news, handy guides, thoughtful reads, and more.

A sneaky extension for Chrome, Firefox prevents its removal, hijacks browser

Internet security firm Malwarebytes recently discovered that a pair of extensions will not only hijack Chrome and Firefox , but will block any attempts to remove them from these two browsers. The version found in Chrome is a forced extension resulting from web pages that trick visitors into installing the extension via a JavaScript-based popup.


MyShopcoupon is an adware program created for Mac OS users. It is advertised as an application seeking to help users save the money while they are shopping online.

Top 6 open source desktop email clients

This article was originally published on October 8, 2015, and has been updated to reflect new information and project changes. Mobile and web technologies still haven't made the desktop obsolete, and despite some regular claims to the contrary, desktop clients don't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Firefox speeds up WebAssembly through streaming compilation

Mozilla's Firefox 58 browser, to be released January 23, features a compilation technology designed to make the WebAssembly portable code format run even faster. This performance boost is enabled by streaming compilation, in which the browser compiles WebAssembly code even as it is being downloaded.

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