FireFox is an open source browser so developers are free to create add-ons & extensions.

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Moxilla's FireFox team defines an extension as:

"Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox, from a simple toolbar button to a completely new feature. They allow you to customize Firefox to fit your own needs and preferences, while letting us keep Firefox itself light and lean."

Other types of add-ons for FireFox include custom themes or skins, plugins for things like Flash and Java and search engines of all types to add to the search window at the top of FireFox.

Our favorite FireFox add-on

IE Tab by PCMan (Hong Jen Yee), yuoo2k

IE Tab - an extension from Taiwan, features: Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox.
This is a great tool for web developers, since you can easily see how your webpage displayed in IE with just one click and then switch back to Firefox.
If you need some instructions.
Please visit our official website on

Most popular extensions

Cisco WebEx Extension 1.0.13

Cisco WebEx web and video conferencing is an easy, cost-effective way to exchange ideas and information online with anyone, anywhere on any mobile device or video system. Accelerate decision-making, keep projects on track, and collaborate in real time with integrated audio, video, and content sharing, all in one meeting. Enhance engagement with a lifelike video experience, which rapidly builds relationships and trust, just like you would in person. Make connecting simple for smoother meetings so users can invite others to easily join with their own video system. From the proven industry leader in web and video conferencing, rely on secure, scalable WebEx meetings from the global Cisco Collaboration Cloud.

Greasemonkey 4.2

Allows you to customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript. You can write your own scripts, too. Check out to get started. Many scripts already exist, probably ones to enhance your favorite sites. Find them at . Having trouble? Please don't post comments here, nobody will see them. If you need help, please read:

Flashblock 1.5.20

Flashblock is an extension for the Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers that takes a pessimistic approach to dealing with Macromedia Flash content on a webpage and blocks ALL Flash content from loading. It then leaves placeholders on the webpage that allow you to click to download and then view the Flash content. Flashblock currently blocks the following content types: * Macromedia Flash * Macromedia Shockwave * Macromedia Authorware Our public support forums can be accessed via: our mailing list: or newsgroup: news:// Please report support issues at: This mailing list is public, other people can see your messages including your email address. To send private email please use our contact webpage at: Note: Flashblock does not work with Javascript disabled or with NoScript installed. I've added a FAQ entry on how to get Soundcloud working with Flashblock. Whitelists: Make sure that you leave out the protocol prefix e.g. "https://" so to whitelist youtube, you should just use "". A User mentioned that whitelisting youtube videos embedded on other sites stopped working because the URL has changed, You should now whitelist "" instead. FoxTab: To allow FoxTab to work without interruption please add "chrome" to the Flashblock whitelist (without the '" quotes). Google Street View: Flashblock is reported to prevent Google Street View from running when trying to start it from Google Maps. Please add to the Flashblock whitelist (For regional versions of Google such as,, and use "" as the whitelist string). The easiest way to do this is to put the Flashblock toolbar button on a toolbar and then clicking on the drop marker on the right edge of the button. Choose "Allow Flash from this site" while is in your tab/window. Please read our FAQ at: Many common questions have answers there. Flashblock 1.5 is designed to work only with Firefox 3.6 and newer, Netscape Navigator 9 and with Flock. For other browsers such as Seamonkey 2.0, and Netscape 9, please visit our project installation page for the latest Flashblock 1.3.x. For older browsers such as Firefox 1.0.7, Mozilla Suite 1.7, Seamonkey 1.x, and Netscape 7/8, please visit our project installation page for Flashblock 1.3.14:

EPUBReader 2.0.5

IMPORTANT Due to limitations in the new WebExtensions programming interface, I had to make the following changes:

  • Local ebooks can now only be opened via the EPUBReader toolbar button. Opening from file explorer via doubleclick or via the Firefox menu "File/File open" no longer works.
  • The private library no longer exists. If you want to export your ebooks which were stored in the library, please install the Library Exporter Add-on.
If you click on a link to an ePub file, you are normally prompted with the Firefox save dialog. With EPUBReader installed, you don't see the dialog. EPUBReader downloads the file, makes some processing and displays the ePub file ready to read! If you have got already downloaded ePub-files, you can read them by clicking on the EPUBReader toolbar button. If you experience any problems, please let me know, I'm very happy to help you. Please contact me via the link of my support-website.

Hoxx VPN Proxy 3.1.9

Most current version of Hoxx VPN works only on Firefox 57 and newer versions of Firefox. For older Firefox versions: Download here You can also use Hoxx VPN to hide your tracks and/or protect your personal information at public Wi-Fi locations. Did you know that public Internet locations are dangerous for your personal data? Bad people around you, on the same network can sniff out your personal information. This is possible because you are on the same network and you are supposed to trust each other. Why don’t you use hoxx to resolve this issue? Our VPN Servers can solve this problem for you with a few simple clicks. All you need is a hoxx account and this plugin and you are good to go. Hoxx is FREE for everyone. We have over 100 servers all over the world. Unlock sites within seconds, take care of your Internet privacy, hide your location, and get protection from malicious websites. No special configuration is required; all you need is a valid hoxx account and you can get started immediately. We do encrypt all your connections from browser to target site to prevent anyone from stealing your personal information, this also prevents other people from knowing what you are doing. Enjoy our premium VPN service.

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